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Finding God’s will with a mentalist: Pick a number between one and ten. Multiply that number by two. Add eight to the new number. Divide that number by two. Now subtract your original number from this result. Remember that number. If one = A, two=B, three = C, etc. convert your number to a letter. Your letter is D.

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  • According To The "Almanac For Farmers & City ...  PRO

    Contributed by Pat Cook on Jun 13, 2003
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    According to the “Almanac for Farmers & City Folk,” the largest number of collect calls is made on Father’s Day. Today, your Heavenly Father is calling out to you. He’s been trying to get through for some time. Long before you thought of Him, He thought of you. But He’s not calling collect. He more

  • Pastor Marilyn Murphree Tells The Story Of A ...

    Contributed by Jim Kane on Sep 4, 2005
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    Pastor Marilyn Murphree tells the story of a bishop who was invited to Sunday dinner. “During the meal,” she said, ‘he was astonished to hear the younger daughter state that a person must be very brave to go to church these days. “Why do you say that?” asked the bishop.” “Because,” she answered, more

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