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A church ran into difficulty when the elders decided that one man was shouting too much in church. They thought he might disturb the very distinguished guests the church was suddenly now having. So the elders called the pastor aside and notified him that this shouter must be refrained. The pastor told them "I won't tell him to stop shouting, but I will go with you if you wish to tell him". So, soon off they went to vist this farmer.

As they drove down the dusty road to his house, they found him plowing his huge field with his mule near the fence line. One elder spoke for all of the others, stating how they had voted to ask him to hold the shouting down when in the worship service and the potential problem it would cause.

The old farmer quickly stated, "See that beautiful wife standing over there? God gave her to me. See that beautiful farm house? God gave us that house. "See those beautiful children playing in the yard? God gave us those children. See all of this beautiful land? God gave me this land. Now, hold my mule while I shout!"

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