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A Father isn't a Dad because he has given you 'life'.

Or just because your Mother is his wife.

If you have a problem, a Father may not care.

A Dad will ask about your problem, and let you know he is there.

A Father thinks that respect is due him rightly.

A Dad knows that respect is earned, and should not be taken lightly.

A Father may be too busy to take time to talk to you.

A Dad will make the time, no matter what else he has to do.

Your Father is your Father and that is his stand.

Your Dad may be your Father and can also be your best friend.

When it's time to go to bed, a Father will tell you to turn out the light.

But a Dad will tuck you in, and tell you "Good Night".

Your Father and your Dad may be one in the same.

And a step-father can be your Dad even if only in name.

Still wonder what makes a Father a Dad?

I have given you all the answers I had.

Your Father is the one that gave your life a start.

Your Dad is the one that remains in your heart.

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