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Jim burns tells a story of a friend of his named Norman. Some of you know someone like him. Norman was the type of person to change fads and friends very quickly. During his high school years, Norman was a:

i. Surfer

ii. Punk rocker

iii. Football team manager

iv. Cross country runner

v. Drummer in a rock band

vi. Cowboy

vii. High school band member

viii. Drama club member

ix. Skateboarder

x. Student body officer

xi. Student leader at church

xii. Heavy drinker

Norman would move quickly from one crowd to another. He was like a chameleon. Every time he changed friends, he became a diff person. His new friends had a “big” influence on which he was. As you can imagine, this influence wasn’t always positive.

In talking with Norman, Jim heard him say, “I don’t like the real Norman, so I am trying to be someone I respect.”

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