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Last night at youth we watched Pay it Forward.

Anyone watched Pay it Forward?

I won’t tell you the entire story

but the concept of the story is centred around a young boy who begins High School and his teacher gives him a project.

The project is that he is to do something to change the world.

The young boy comes up with the idea that he will show love to three people for no reason at all.

And all they have to do is ‘Pay it Forward’ three people each, which means another nine people receive love,

and those nine show love to 3 people each, a further 27.

And so the concept grows.

And the first person the young boy chooses to show love to is a drug addict.

He discovers this drug addict on the way home from school,

Who is homeless, living in a rubbish dump of discarded furniture and housing materials.

He takes him home.

He gives him his spaghetti.

His mum’s not home, she works late.

He lets him take a shower.

And stay in the garage.

And of course his mum freaks.

This young boy shows this bloke love

And this bloke’s life starts to change.

The bloke moves out.

He gets a job.

Life is on the up.

However the drug addict reverts back to his old ways.

And the young boy finds out about it.

He is devasted.

He is disappointed he thinks love hasn’t worked.

However that is not the end of the story.

Sometime later in the movie.

The drug addict is walking on a bridge.

And a lady is about to jump off the bridge.

He pleads with her not to do it.

She wants to know why.

He pleads with her.

He says someone has shown love to me and I want you to receive some of that love.

He pleads with her to come down and have a cup of coffee.

And she comes downs and has coffee

But the sad part of that story is that the young boy,

Never found out about that instant.

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