3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Illustration: I watched another movie where a teenage delinquent let his life spiral out of control because of drugs and bad friends. It tore his family apart. His parents were on the verge of divorce, his younger brother was experimenting with drugs, his sister had gone from honor role to in-school suspension. Finally, the delinquent had been driving his little brother to a game but stopped and talked to some friends. They got into a fight over drugs, a gun was drawn and the brother was shot. Leaving the hospital, where one son was in critical condition, the father drove to the police station. When he arrived his son was very penitent. He cried and begged for his father to get him out of jail. His father told him that he was finished being an enabler. He would not get him out. He would have to get a court appointed lawyer and pay whatever the court decided. And when he did get out, he was no longer welcome at home. He would have to find somewhere else to live. Then the father stood up and walked away. As he go into his car, he leaned on the steering wheel and wept like a baby.

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