3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

When my daughter, Shannon, was five years old, she came into the kitchen just a few minutes before supper asking, "May I have a Twinkie" please?" I replied, "No! Supper will be served in just a few minutes."

Shannon began to moan and dance around, now demanding a Twinkie since she was STARVING! Again, I said "No." I said "No" several times more. Shannon began to pout. I have six children and they all have special names or titles that I have given them which match their personality and our relationship. Shannon is "My sweet precious love and the joy of my life" and my "D.D.D." (Which means "Dearest Darling Daughter").

While she pouted I picked her up and asked, "You are still going to be my ’Sweet precious love and the joy of my life and my D.D.D., aren’t you?" With her chin cupped in her hands and her elbows propped on the counter, her lips poked out, Shannon whined, "I ain’t gonna be your nothin’ if you don’t give me a Twinkie."

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