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One of the things we do not understand is that we are weak and cannot do anything by ourselves. It is the same way with a seated president.

Let me give you an example; we the American people put so much stock in the presidential elections, and it is my opinion that we should. But we should put just as much energy in our state and local elections as well. The reason is that it is at the local and state elections levels where we put people that can help us or hurt us, such as the case in California with same-sex marriages. We all know that the seated president is against this kind of legislation, but he is powerless in this case because he cannot overturn it. So the president needs senators, congresspersons, governors and city council members to all agree with him on such issues. He cannot do it without their help.

Likewise on the spiritual level, there is nothing that we can do without the help of the Spirit. From speaking the truth to knowing the difference, we need the help of the Spirit. So the Spirit helps us through this maze called Life, and He even leads us through it.

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