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Some people will do anything to avoid confrontation, I heard of a man who was going through a mid life crisis. He went out and bought a new car, but not just any car, but a new Corvette. As he pulled up on I-95 he noticed he was going 80 MPH, he thought boy that was easy. At that point, he wanted to know just how fast his new car would go, so he gave it the gas, 85, 90, 95 soon he was going 100 MPH. It was at that point he saw the blue lights in his rearview mirror. Knowing he was going to get a ticket, he thought to himself I wonder if I can outrun this trooper. SO HE TOOK OFF! He was way ahead of the trooper when he came to his senses and thought, what I am doing. I am a respected leader in the community, my family will be embarrassed, and I will never be able to explain my actions. So he decided to pull over and wait for the trooper, when the trooper arrived he asked him, how fast was he going? He admitted he did not have a clue.

The trooper said, “You deserve a ticket, but my shift ends in 20 minutes and there would be a lot of paperwork if I wrote up all of your charges – tell you what if you can give me a reason that I have never heard before why you should not receive a ticket, I will let you off

Without batting an eye, the man said, my first wife run off with a trooper, and I thought you were bringing her back.

Peacekeepers will say anything to avoid confrontation.

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