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Reverend Marsh tells the story of two men who worked together for years.

Joe went to church every Sunday, Harvey not at all. One Monday morning, Harvey said, "Joe, I went to church yesterday," whereupon Joe responded excitedly, "Harvey, I'm sure glad to hear that."

Harvey continued, "The preacher said some things that bothered me. He talked about the wonderful things that Christ does for those who accept him, and the great losses to those who do not. Do you believe that, Joe?"

Joe replied, "Sure, that's what it's all about."

Harvey burst out passionately, "No, Joe, you don't believe that."

Joe bristled, "Yes, I do believe that!"

Harvey shook his head sadly, saying, "No, Joe, you couldn't really believe that and work side by side with me all these years and never say a word about it. No, Joe, you don't believe it." [Source: Clinton M. Marsh, Evangelism Is... (Louisville, KT: Geneva Press, 1997) 20]

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