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1 Cor. 3:1-9 Paul opens up our chapter slamming the spiritual condition of many in this church. He tells them that they are not spiritually mature, but that they are acting like mere babies. He tells them he has to address them for what they are worldly, i.e. carnal – fleshly or immature! Not godly, holy and Christ-like. They are called infants – babies to be exact.

Most know that this last week my daughter Tiffany had twin boys. I am going to highlight what I observed about what it means to act like an infant!

My Observations:

a. They are totally dependent on others for their care.

b. They cannot eat solid food because otherwise they will choke on the food and die.

c. They are small and fragile.

d. They are helpless.

e. They are vulnerable.

f. The boys were having a hard time maintaining their body temperature so they had to be placed in incubators to stay warm and healthy.

The boys struggled with getting enough nutrients to grow and get healthier. But the boys have a tremendous blessing:

a. They have parents who will care for them and love them and even correct them. These parents are united together and committed to raising these two for the Lord.

b. They are blessed in that they have grandparents who are committed to their growth both physically, spiritually and mentally. We will love them, care for them and “yes” even correct them when they are wrong.

Paul is doing the same thing to the babies he helped birth in Corinth, but it’s time to grow up, he tells them!

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