3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I think of a young man named Adrian who was in my Youth Group back in a former church. Adrian’s dad --- who had, unfortunately, never been much of a dad to Adrian --- decided to move to Mexico right before Adrian’s senior year of High School. A family in our church took Adrian in to live with them, and he stayed with them for about 3 years. Adrian moved out of their home when he got married.

Then, about 10 years later, Adrian and his wife separated. About 4 months later, they got back together, and Adrian said the reason he went back to his wife and kids was because of the Windham family.

He said that when he first moved in with the Windhams, he kept waiting for John (the dad) to get off his good behavior. He figured eventually he’d lose his temper and let loose on him … or on his son Gary … or on his wife. But it never happened.

Adrian said, “I got to thinking about that … and I realized that it IS actually possible to have a good marriage …. and a good family … and a good home. I decided that I’m going to do anything it takes to make that happen in my family .”

And I’m glad to say that Adrian is still with his wife …. and they have successfully raised their son and daughter. His life is a testimony to the difference a REAL MAN can make.

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