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Remember the story of the King that had a great feast, he would provide all the meat, vegetables, the fruits, and the desserts. Each servant was to bring the best wine, one quart, and pour it into a 500 gallon wine vat. A little servant thought my quart can’t matter that much in 500 gallons. So he got there early and poured one quart of water into the huge vat. All day long over 2000 men poured their quart of their best wine into the vat. In the evening the King blessed the meal. The king took his silver chalice to the wine vat, the king opened the tap and his chalice filled with water. See, each servant thought they were so little that their little part would not matter, so the vat was filled with just water. This is the story of the Kingdom, when God’s children see how little they are, and not how big God is.

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