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There was a father who took his two young children to an amusement park. They were so excited. After going on all the rides they wanted, he said now it is time for the ghost train! They both didn't want to go, and yet the father insisted it was part of the experience of going to an amusement park.

Still protesting the father took them into a carriage and away they went. It was one of the scariest ghost trains possible. At the end the little girl said to her brother, "Were you scared?" The brother replied; "No..." "How could that be?" asked his sister. "Because I had my eyes closed!" he replied.

We can deny our fear and block out life in an attempt to deal with it, but it drives the fear within and we fail to experience so much of life!

"What about you, were you scared?" asked the brother. The little sister replied, "I sure was...but it was okay, because I was holding Daddy's hand!"

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