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We have a saying in Northern Ireland about someone or something that is useless: we say it is "wick". And you know when you think about that, in a lampstand a wick, though it is needed for light, does not feature large in the production of light. Of itself it's pretty useless. Of itself it cannot burn, in the words of F. B. Meyer, "It accumulates nothing, it has no stores. From hour to hour it is always on the edge of bankruptcy, but always supplied."

Do you ever feel like you are not up to the task, that your gifts and resources are wholly in adequate for what God has called us to do? That you are wick. Well, welcome to the real world of Christian service. You and I, no matter what our talent, our learning, experience are not up to the job, but God has provided a complete and powerful supply so that we might burn for Jesus. Not burn out (that's what Zerubbabel was in danger of), but burn with a constant flame.

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