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This year (2008), over 600 students at Florida State are going to be the first people in their families to go to college. Compared to their peers, these students have a somewhat more daunting task ahead of them. They will be more likely to drop out. They will be more likely to work outside of school for over 12 hours a week. But for those that achieve a degree, they will begin a legacy in their family that has never accomplished before, a legacy that will likely affect their children and their children’s children. These students, these legacy makers, hold an indisputable place in the future of not only their families, but for our culture as a whole.

In St. Paul’s second letter to Timothy, Paul describes the nature of his legacy that he is handing over to young Timothy from Ephesus. In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus predicts the nature of Peter’s legacy in the Christian church. Both of their stories are heroic epics of men who make part of the legacy of what we call Christianity today. Both of their stories are stories of legacy.

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