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A. E. Whitman has an imaginary preacher give the following report of a visit to the New Jerusalem:

“In my wandering, I came upon the museum in the city of our dreams. I went in, and an attendant conducted me round. There was some old armor there, much bruised with battle.

“Many things were conspicuous by their absence. I saw nothing of Alexander’s or of Napoleon’s.

There was no pope’s ring, nor even the ink bottle that Luther is said to have thrown at the devil.

“I saw a widow’s mite and the feather of a little bird. I saw some swaddling clothes, a hammer and three nails and a few thorns. I saw a sponge that had once been dipped in vinegar and a small piece of silver.

“Whilst I was turning over a simple drinking cup which had a very honorable place, I whispered to the attendant: ‘Have you got a towel and basin among your collections?’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘not here. You see, they are in constant use.’”

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