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Noel and Jill seemed to have everything. They worked in ministry with youth in Germany. Noel gave up a promising basketball career to pursue full time ministry. After five years of marriage Jill was six months pregnant. She was very excited about being a new mom. They eagerly prepared for the baby’s arrival, as well as enjoying God’s continued work in Noel’s ministry. They, like many couples looked forward to raising their child together and serving God in ministry.

Then one day Noel was headed home from a youth prayer meeting. Noel, after a long week of ministry, was very tired. He knew he shouldn’t be driving but he wanted to be home with Jill.

Anxiously awaiting his return, the phone rang. In broken English she was able to make out, “Accident . .. hospital . . . husband.” She rushed to the hospital to find her husband unconscious and barely alive. The accident was severe, but emergency surgery saved his life. Soon after Noel was conscious and communicating by writing. He was eager to be back at the church so he could share all that God was doing in his life. A total miracle that God had spared his life from such a terrible accident. Jill considered how unimaginable it would be to go on without Noel. How could she continue in ministry and raise her soon to be born child? Thank God He survived.

The next day things turned for the worse. Noel began to have a sudden aneurysm. The doctors tried hard to save him but it was too late. Noel died quickly.

When Jill found out she was complete devastated. Her worst fears realized. He was gone. He only true love was gone, forever. Her baby’s father!! How could this happen? Why God? Why?

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