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The early Church of God reformers believed that at a second point in time after we begin believing in Jesus, God Himself sends His Spirit to guide and direct in order to surrender our entire lives into His care. They found many people believed in Jesus but then experienced God in such a profound and powerful way when they were able to allow Jesus to have every part of their lives. This is what I believe God is calling towards. This is what holistic if it is to have any real meaning and power has to become for us.

I surrender everything that I have and everything I am to you Jesus. I will follow you and your ways and your teachings and do whatever you want. Not my will but your will. Not my ways but your ways. I’m tired of struggling on my own. I’m weary of this life that I have made. Yes, I’ve made it. I’ve done it. I can’t do it anymore. Here it is, Jesus. Here I am. Do for me because I can’t do it anymore.

Paul said, “The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.”

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