Sermon Illustrations

I was craving some chocolate as I often do. I walked into the house and smelled freshly made brownies. I said “Thank God, someone made brownies.” Becky said I am not thanking God! What was good for me was not so good for her.

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  • Touch Not My Anointed?

    Contributed by Dr. Ronald Shultz on Jul 23, 2011
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    The pastor is not a dictator, but a ministering leader.

  • The Eye Of The Tiger

    Contributed by Ricky Nelms on Jul 22, 2010
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    This is a Youth Day/Teen Day sermon (but good for adults as well) which talks about how Satan is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and uses a real-life illustration of actor Roy Horn, who was bitten by his beloved tiger in Los Vegas.

  • Perverse People Spread Strife Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Oct 13, 2011
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    The emphasis of the passage is on the dangers of perversity and the disastrous fate of its perpetrator. We here have a description of a person who deceives and stirs up strife & how to spot the scoundrel.

  • Testing God

    Contributed by Rodney Buchanan on Mar 20, 2011
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    Do you test God or trust God? What are the ways we try to control God in order to get our way?

  • Temptation

    Contributed by Ken Henson on Aug 7, 2012
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    Many battles are won in our minds! Temptations are first overcome in our minds because that is where the battle is and that is where the victory also is. Hiding God’s Word in our hearts is a great weapon to fight temptations.