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Last week’s I talked about the need for the church to give up some of their rights for the sake of the weaker ones in Christ. Today no one wants to be held responsible for their actions.

I looked up the word “Responsible” and discovered this: The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable (Wikipedia Encyclopedia).

We quickly say, “I can do that because it’s my right but what is your responsibility?” What are you accountable for? Who are you accountable too? Who will you answer too?

In America we are quick to say what are rights are and ignore our responsibilities?

Wikipedia Encyclopedia explains “Rights” this way: “In the jurisprudence and the law, a right is the legal or moral entitlement to do or refrain from doing something, or to obtain or refrain from obtaining an action, thing or recognition in civil society. Rights serve as rules of interaction between people, and, as such, they place constraints and obligations upon the actions of individuals or groups (for example, if one has a right to life, this means that others do not have the liberty to kill him).

Rights according to this book 1 Corinthians come with obligations!

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