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Brian Hise has had his share of bad stuff happen to him. In just a short time -- one day in July -- his apartment in Provo, Utah apartment became flooded because of an upstairs neighbor’s broken pipe. The manager instructed him to go out and rent a wet/dry vacuum. When he went out to his car, he discovered he had a flat tire. He changed the tire and went back into his house to call a friend to ask for help with the flood problem. But when he picked up the phone -- he got an electric shock and inadvertently ripped the phone off the wall.

Before he could leave his apartment he had to kick the door down because the water damage had swollen the door frame and the door was jammed tight. While all this was going on someone stole his car. But since his car was almost out of gas, he found his car just a few blocks away. He pushed his car to a gas station and filled up the tank.

That evening he attended a military ceremony at his university but injured himself severely when he sat on the bayonet that he had tossed on the front seat. Doctors were able to stitch up the wound in the emergency room, but when he returned home that night he found his four canaries crushed to death because of falling wet ceiling plaster. Then to top it all off -- he slipped on the wet carpet and badly injured his tailbone.

Brian joked about it later when he said, "God seemed to want me dead that day -- but just kept on missing."

(SOURCE: from a sermon by Tom Shepard, "Power Over Your Problems", 7/1/08)

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