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Illustration: Drop leaf table with the leaves down to begin with.

• Everybody loves a party. Last night my family was together and the activity and conversation around the table was great. We were loud. It’s a good thing they put us in a room by ourselves. We love to talk, we love to eat, and we love to catch up.

• Today, I have a table here. It’s a good little table and can serve my purposes well, depending on my purpose. I can sit and eat by myself, or I can have someone join me. But what if I want to include someone else? I want them to be served and have a place at the table. What do I do? I put up one of the leaves. (keep raising it up but don’t put the support there.)

• What’s the problem? The support must be used to make the table big enough.

I want us to see today how we are like the supports to this table.

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