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When do we usually want to know God's will? When we've run out of answers. Thank God for the times the answers run out and we must look to him!

Tony Dungy is the coach of the Indianapolis Colts who won the Super Bowl last season. He is a devout Christian and has written a book, not about football, but about faith. In the first chapter of the book, "Quiet Strength", he writes about his experience of cleaning out his office after being fired as the coach of Tampa Bay. He had tried to be a different kind of football coach, one who led with integrity instead of vulgar language and harshness. He had won more than any other coach in the team's history but he was now part of that history. He wondered why God was doing what He was doing. He writes, "Where was the burning bush? Where was that still small voice? Or, even better, the loud, booming one? The only voice I could hear clearly was my own, crying out in the wilderness. When will I hear Your voice, Lord?" (pg. 5)

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