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The June 23, 2008 issue of Newsweek ran a feature article "The Mythology of Munich". It cited a gathering of the War Cabinet in London to consider an offer from Hitler in which, if Britain would agree to stop fighting, he would let them keep most of their empire.

While many were thinking it expedient to attempt to appease Hitler, Churchill would have none of it. It is said that he contemptuously growled, "If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each of us lies choking in his own blood on the ground." Then on June 4, 1938 he spoke those memorable words to the people of Britain, "We shall fight on the beaches... we shall fight on the fields... we shall never surrender."

(SOURCE: Evan Thomas, The Mythology of Munich, Newsweek, June 23, 2008, p. 23. From a sermon by Monty Newton, "Desiring Good and Doing Bad" 07/04/08,

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