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There was a farmer who was known to be a hard man. He was abusive and foul-mouthed to both man and beast. In time he became friends with a Christian, who influenced him to consider becoming a Christian, and he did. His life was immediately marked by dramatic change. He cleaned up his language and his behavior. He treated his employees well. He was gentle and patient with his livestock. And he was loving and considerate toward his wife.

One day he became frustrated while working and fell back into his old ways. He cursed the livestock. He spoke harshly to his hired hand. And then, he caught himself and went to the farmhouse where his wife found him sitting at the kitchen table distraught and broken over his failure.

When she asked him, "What’s the matter?" He blurted out, "I’m no different than I used to be"

"Oh, but you are different than you used to be " She said. "Then you would never have been sorry or thought you had done wrong. Then you would not be contrite and wanting to be a better person. I see every sign that the Holy Spirit of God is working in you."

(From a sermon by Monty Newton, "Desiring Good and Doing Bad" 7/4/08,

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