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A farmer is out working his fence line near the road when he sees a neighbor from a few farms down walking toward him with a cow. "Where are you headed with that cow?" the farmer asks.

"I'm heading into town to sell it," comes the neighbor's reply.

"You mean, if it's the Lord's will, you are going to sell it," corrects the farmer.

"Well," says the neighbor, now feeling a little perturbed by the rebuke. "I don't much reckon the Lord has anything to do with it. I bought her, I raised her, I milk her, and now I'm gonna sell her, and nobody is going to stop me from doing it."

"Oh, alright," says the farmer, and off down the road goes the neighbor with his cow.

About twenty minutes later here comes the neighbor back the other way, only now his clothes are ripped, his eye is black and he is missing a few teeth. "What happened to you?" asks the farmer.

"Well, the neighbor replies, I got a few miles down the road and some guys jumped me, beat me up, and stole my cow."

"Oh no," says the farmer, "what are you going to do now?"

"Well," comes the reply. "I'm going home to bandage up my wounds...if it's the Lord's will!"

(Source: from a sermon by Dan Cormie, "Facing the Future" 7/13/08,

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