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In today’s politically correct society we can’t always tell the truth

Political correctness at its core can be a good thing

It is not P.C. to call someone retarded or to use racial slurs when referring to people with a different skin color

And that’s good

But sometimes people try to hide the truth by using politically correct language

A few examples

Instead of saying “I’m lazy,” they say “I’m motivationally deficient.”

Instead of saying, “I’m fat,” they say “I’m horizontally-challenged.”

Or instead of saying “I’m short,” they say “I’m vertically challenged.”

Instead of saying, “I’m wrong,” they say, “I’m logically different.”

Instead of saying, “I’m ignorant,” they say, “I’m knowledge-impaired.”

Instead of saying, “I’m a liar,” they say, “I misspoke the truth.”

But the truth is the truth

It is always best to just tell the truth

Honesty and integrity should be characteristics of all Christians

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