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Christian Counseling Today Magazine Vol. 12 states this about the current crisis in health care: "Modern medicine is stretching beyond its limited vision as a disease treatment--even disease prevention-- profession in the 21st Century. Increasingly it is concerned with wellness, even optimal or maximum living." (Page 12).

Why is that? Because they see that health care is outrageously expensive and getting out of reach for many. They themselves want a solution to the problem, so they have started focusing on preventative measures to disease and poor health.

My own health insurance assigned me to an RN Nurse to assist me in living a healthier lifestyle. She gave me advice about diet, exercise and other important health information. She talked with me about my medicines and my path to good health. It was beneficial to me and to my physical health, but even in the midst of our monthly chats it occurred to me that this health plan needed to address all three dimensions of my being. The three dimensions I had in mind where my body, mind and soul. She did a good job getting me to deal with my body, but she neglected my mind and my soul realm.

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