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A few weeks ago I went to make myself a cup of coffee and ended up with one of the strongest cups of coffee I’ve ever had. It was so strong I could only drink about half of it and that was after doctoring it up with sweetener and flavored creamer. The rest I had to dump out.

What made my coffee so strong that morning, when other mornings it was just fine? I added the same amount of coffee grounds and water as I always do. The problem was that the coffeemaker had gotten limed-up. After a while the lime in the hard water that I put into the coffeemaker had built up and blocked the flow of water through the coffee grounds. Because the water couldn’t flow freely, it was taking it a lot longer to filter through the grounds. Therefore the water was taking on more and more coffee before passing into the pot below. This made for some terribly strong coffee.

Unconfessed sin in the lives of believers is like that lime in the coffeemaker. If not cleaned out, it will build up to the point that it will block of flow of Christ’s living water into our lives. We end up useless, too full of darkness and sludge to be any good. Fear, worry, doubts, and confusion enter our lives in stronger and stronger quantities until, like that cup of coffee, we become bitter and foul.

Too many Christians today are too full of junk to be of any use to God. They aren’t getting the full benefits of the Living Water in their lives. Their faucets have been limed up and shut down by sin.

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