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Some years ago I met Johnny Moore. Johnny is the lead singer for "His Glory". He tells his story of how he was on his way home one night before he got serious with the Lord. He’d been kinda "playing church." He was on his way home from a Wednesday night prayer meeting, and he was stopped by a policeman. The officer found some pills and cocaine. Johnny tried to tell the officer he was a church member, a Sunday School teacher, He sang with a gospel group, and he was just coming from church. None of that mattered; they still put him in jail.

That experience was good for Johnny Moore. It woke him up to the fact that all of his playing at Christianity wouldn’t matter when he faces the Lord of Heaven some day. It was like a bucket of ice-cold water slapping him in the face; but it convinced him of his need for the One who is living water. And he made a public and lasting confession of his need. And now his life is changed, since Jesus is on the throne!

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