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“God’s Hand Upon Our President, Pt. 2”

Proverbs 21:1 says; “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases.” Proverbs 21 is a powerful truth that must be grasped so Christians may pray in faith that God is fully able to put into effect His perfect will, regardless of who has leadership in America.

There is much in the Bible about how God moved upon kings to get the work of the Lord done. In Ezra chapter 4 we read about the opposition to the rebuilding of the temple of the Lord. The Bible says the enemies of Judah and Benjamin hired counselors to work against those working on the temple. The people around the Israelites frustrated their plans during the entire reign of Cyrus king of Persia and down to the reign of Darius. (Ezra 4:1-4) The Lord worked through King Darius to get the building of the temple going (Ezra 6) and God used King Artaxerxes to keep the building of the temple going. (Ezra 7) It was king Artaxerxes who gave the priest Ezra everything he asked for because the hand of the Lord was upon him. God granted him favor with the king. (Ezra 7:6)

This country was founded by men who for the most part had a fear for the Lord and looked to the Word of God for the foundation of making many of this nation’s laws. However, much opposition is arising to make it hard to rebuild the foundation for which God raised up this nation.

Christians can look to the Lord to grant them favor with national leaders so they can accomplish the work of the Lord. It does not matter how good or bad they are, whether they are a Democrat or Republican, how conservative or liberal they may be, the Lord can do a work among them for His glory and the glory of His Son.

How much do you spend in honest heartfelt intercession for our President, this nation’s leaders and for the Body of Christ to obey her Biblical mandate? Pray!

Pray God’s Hand Upon Our President!

Trust In Him,

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