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1. Use a clear glass of clean water to signify the soul of the person cleansed by God.

2. Pour a little dirt into the glass to signify the nature of the World, if we allow it to find a place in us. Make the point, that a little dirt little doesn’t distort the view.

3. Add a lot of dirt till the glass if completely dark. This is what happens when we take in more of the world's ideals and less of God. The only way to get ourselves back to the point where we can see correctly once again, is to give it all to God.

4. Pour out the water in the glass to signify giving it to God.

5. Clean out the glass to signify God’s cleansing of our soul when we ask for forgiveness.

6. Pour some more clean water into the cup. Make the point that we are the ones in control of what we allow to come into our minds. We can stay clean and fresh and see clearly, or we can allow the dirt of the world to continually filter in an eventually mirk up the water so much that we can no longer see clearly and lose track of who we are and whose we are.

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