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One day a lady pulled into a self serve gas station to fill up her car.

She got out of her car, hurried over to the pump, lifted the nozzle to her gas tank, and tried to pump the gas.

Nothing happened.

Belatedly she realized that this was one of those gas stations where you had to prepay.

Frustrated and in a hurry, she ran inside, paid the cashier, and returned to her car to resume pumping her gas.

She squeezed the handle, but still nothing happened. “What kind of lousy gas station is this?” she mumbled angrily to herself.

After trying again with no better results, she ran back in to the cashier and started giving him a piece of her mind.

With a concerned look on his face, the cashier talked right over the top of the lady’s scolding.

“Ma’am, please stay right here. Don’t go back to your car. I just called 911.

When you were leaving the building after paying me, I saw a man get into the back seat of your car.

It looked to me like he didn’t belong there. The only way I could get you to come back inside was to turn off your gas pump.”

Just then the police pulled up and took into custody the man who was hiding in the woman’s car.

The woman learned later that he was trying to get initiated into a very dangerous gang.

Armed with a knife, he had planned to kill her and steal her car once they left the gas station.

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