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Story: Baboons On The Loose

In eastern Africa a troop of about 50 baboons made themselves at home right next to a farm.

The baboons were amusing at first but soon wore out their welcome.

Before long they were ravaging the corn and other crops and helping themselves to anything they could get their hands on.

The frustrated farmers in the area made plans to have the animals destroyed.

To do this they set up cages with food in them. Their plan was to capture the baboons and then kill them once they were trapped.

Baboons, however, aren’t stupid animals. Sensing that the cages were dangerous, they refused to go in.

But the farmers were patient. After several days, one of the hungry baboons ventured into the cage and sampled the food.

It was good --- very good. And nothing bad happened.

The next day, the same baboon returned for more food. Other baboons soon followed.

After a few days, the entire troop of baboons were going into the cages to feast on the food that had been put there by the farmers.

Rather than being afraid of the cages, the baboons started to like them.

For several weeks, the baboons went into the cages every day to get their food.

One day, however, the food was tied to the door latch. When the animals grabbed the food, the doors of the cages slammed shut.

The baboons were spooked at first, but quickly went back to finishing their meal.

They showed no real concern for the fact they had been trapped in a cage.

Sin is a lot like those baboon traps. Down deep you know it can harm you, but just like the food in those traps, it looks pretty good. And you’re hungry! That’s the sin nature.

You may try to resist temptation and do the right thing at first. But then you start to see other people indulging themselves without anything bad happening.

And just like the baboons, you start to believe that you can get away with it yourself.

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