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Some of you remember that once upon a time I was -- sort of a hippie. It was during college -- Patty and I both attended K-State. My second Summer in college I left conservative K-State and went to a Navigator summer program in Boulder, CO. If you’ve been to Boulder you’ve seen the remnants of the liberal side of life that started back then. Believe me, you don’t know the half of it! That was the Summer of ‘71 and as far as the children of the 60’s were concerned it still was the 60’s! It was certainly a shock to my system!

Our objective was to reach street people with Christ‘s gospel. So we rented a fraternity house, held jobs during the day and spent evenings and weekends trying to share Christ with people in parks and on the street. Some, we invited to stay at the house and they shared meals and life with us. It was fascinating to say the least. Some of us including me, figured we should take on outward signs to speak to our target audience. I grew my hair long and even managed a little facial fuzz. I bought a thick iron cross to wear around my neck. I really thought I looked the part.

We learned a powerful lesson that Summer from some of our new friends. They weren’t really awed by the look we took on. Those symbols -- hair, clothes, jewelry were just that -- symbols -- and they didn’t impact them. But one thing made lots of them sit up and take notice when they encountered it. It was an experience they’d never had -- authentic Christ-like love.

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