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God Can Change Your Attitude

We live in an angry world, surrounded by angry people. We can give all kinds of excuses for being an angry person, but none of them really make an angry attitude the only option.

I went out to visit our friend Bruce Thursday. If you remember he had surgery for a brain tumor six months ago, and they couldn't get it all. They gave him three days to three weeks to live. .....He said, "I'm not going to feel sorry for myself, and I don't want anyone else to either. If you are going to come out to feel sorry for me, don't come. I'm going to be here until the Good Lord says its time, and then I'll be gone. If I can help someone else going through this I'll be glad to. I've shared in church, and I'll probably share again before its all over."

He is Living with uncertainty. He admitted he didn't have this attitude in the beginning, and I know--I was there. At first he was angry at God for not letting him die quickly. But he allowed God to change his attitude. That is the good news I want you to get today. No matter how bad your attitude was when you came in here, you and God can change it.

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