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Back in the 90’s a California research firm considered the advertising slogan for a popular soap that was 99.4% pure. And they asked themselves the question: “What if everything in the world operated at 99% efficiency?” They discovered:

- drinking water would be unsafe one hour out of each month.

- two planes would crash land - each day - at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

- five hundred surgeries would be botched each week

- and 20,000 prescriptions would be improperly filled each year.

I wouldn’t want to drink that water.

I wouldn’t want to fly on those planes.

And I wouldn’t want to have those pharmacists and surgeons anywhere near me or my family.

99% efficiency is NOT acceptable in these matters, because missing these things by just “that much” (just 1%) can many times be deadly.

(SOURCE: from a sermon by Jeff Strite, "Missed It By That Much" 7/20/2008, Missed It By That Much by Jeff Strite

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