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Consider the story of Oswald Golter. After ten years service as a missionary in China, Oswald Golter was on His way home.

His ship stopped in India, and while waiting for the connecting boat home he found a group of refugees living in a warehouse on the pier. They were unwanted, so they were stranded. Golter went to visit them.

As it was Christmas time he wished them a merry Christmas and asked them what they would like for Christmas. "We’re not Christians," they said. "We don’t believe in Christmas."

"I know," said the missionary, "but what do you want for Christmas?"

They described some German pastries they were particularly fond of. So Oswald Golter cashed in his ticket home, used the money to buy baskets and baskets of the pastries, took them to the refugees, and wished them a merry Christmas.

When he later told the story, a student said, "But sir,...

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