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Stumbling Block of Envy

When I was a few months from graduation from seminary, the church I had attended during college had a position open and I was very interested in it. The pastor had become a spiritual mentor to me, and I was hopeful for the opportunity to work with him.

When we met to discuss the position and situation, he said to me, (and I am paraphrasing after 23 years!) "I have talked to so and so (the pastor with whom I would end up working) and you are more a youth man, while we need a Christian Education person. So, I am looking at other people."

Along with the anger and the disappointment came a major stumbling block for me (and for many people) – envy. My major was in Christian Education! What made it harder was that the person who ended up taking the position was both a seminary classmate and a High School classmate of mine as well!

A few weeks ago as a ministerial colleague talked to me about a situation that he was dealing with, I prayed for him. As I prayed, I was convicted of envy of him and several other colleagues because of their successes. It was hard to admit to in his presence and seek the forgiveness of God for.

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