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A missionary to South America once wrote a reflective piece about his life in the jungles. He and his family knew the discomforts of such things as snakes and bugs. He told how he and his family were cleaning the house one day when they decided to take a break and have some tea. While sitting at the table, a very large, winged beetle darted through the open window and right between them all. The wife was startled and screamed.

Surprised more by the scream than by the beetle, the young daughter cried out, “For heaven’s sake, Mom!”

The wife resolutely replied, “That’s the ONLY reason I’m here!”

When we seek to follow God’s leading, we may not always find ourselves in the most desirable situations. At those times, it may be helpful to remember why we’re there. This life really isn’t about us. It’s “for heaven’s sake.”

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