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Opening Illustration: This last week I have been watching the Olympics and I have noticed how important proper techniques and proper form is for the Olympic athletes. I saw it the diving, in gymnastics, in swimming and even in track and field. The experts would always point out how important it was for the athlete to keep their knees together in the diving, the importance of keeping proper form in their flips and twists. They pointed out the importance of having your head in the right position in swimming and even in running. I have as a result been able to observe what happens to athletes who do not keep the proper forms and it usually led to a fall or a missed maneuver and to a loss of a medal. As I have watched the games I noticed proper form, proper techniques, proper attitude, and proper skills where the deciding factor in whether a person won their event or not. Paying attention to details in the Olympics is crucial and becomes a determining factor to whether you win or lose. As important as it is for Olympic athletes to pay attention to proper procedures in their events Paul makes it clear it just as important to pay attention to proper procedures in the worship of god because others are watching and even heaven is watching.

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