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There is a story about a former prizefighter that had been converted and thought God had called him to preach

The only problem was, while he thought he had the gift of preaching, nobody else had the gift of listening

So he couldn’t get a church

He got a little pulpit, found a street corner and preached to passersby in Chicago

He had two-or-three hangers on, friends that liked him

Two-or-three that hated him

And he had one man, a professed atheist who said

“I don’t believe any of the Bible”

These two would get into arguments

One day the preacher was ready for him

He said to the atheist

Listen if I can prove to you just one verse in the Bible is true will you apologize to me?

This so called atheist said “Yes I indeed would”

With that the former prizefighter reached out and took the man by the nose and twisted it so severely that blood ran down both nostrils

And then with a smile on his face he read Proverbs 30:33

The churning of milk produces butter, and wringing the nose produces blood

Then he said I want you to apologize to me because I proved to you at least one verse in the Bible is true

Just as surely as the churning of milk brings forth butter and just as surely as the wringing of the nose brings forth blood

We are all surely bound to sin

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