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Sin sickens the body

An illustration of this

Mother calls that dinner is ready

Mom ,dad, brother and sister sit down to this wonderful meal that mom has fixed

Everything is fine until brother asks Dad can I use the car tonight?

And sister says, no you can’t use the car tonight

You used the car last night, its my night to use the car

And brother says to sister You shut up I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to Dad

And dad says Don’t use the words shut up, we don’t speak that way in our house

And then brother says well she started it

Dad then shouts listen you kids I said shut up

And mother says you just told them not to say shut up

Dad then tells mom You shut up

And then brother and sister and father and mother are, just like that, in an argument

Dinner is getting cold, finally they eat a few bites

Everybody gets up and goes off somewhere

And about 30 minutes later somebody says

Has anybody seen the Pepto-Bismol?

What has happened?

Our bodies have reacted to our hearts, our minds, our spirits

Sin sickens the body

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