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Learning Methods: The Rubik's Cube

How many of you remember the Rubik's Cube? Invented in 1974 by Emô Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, this pivoting mechanism became the best selling toy of all times for Ideal Toys in 1980. The object to solve the twisting and turning puzzle, as you may remember, was to get all tiles of the same of six colors on a given side of the cube. This of course had to be completed from one of 519 quintillion possible starting situations. It has been conquered by a many a people and the current world record for the shortest time span to solve the puzzle is held by Erik Akkersdijk in 2008. He set a best time of 7.08 seconds at the most recent Czech Open this year [Wikipedia, "Rubik's Cube"].

Anyway, let me get to the idea I want to share with you about this device and the solving of the puzzle. It is said that to learn how to decipher the cube and to continue to do it quickly, that several factors come into play. It is a learned method. We are told by the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia ["Learning"] that one has to:

1. Always remember -- directions help one solve the patterns of solving the Rubik's cube.

2. Practicing the move repeatedly and for extended time helps with "muscle memory" and therefore speed.

3. Thinking critically about moves helps find shortcuts, which in turn helps to speed up future attempts.

4. The Rubik's cube's six colors help anchor solving it within the head.

5. Occasionally revisiting the cube helps prevent negative learning or loss of skill.

When it comes to the idea of "learning" in this step of our spiritual metamorphosis we have to keep in mind that reading the directions (directives, principles) of God's Word helps us to solve all those patterns of confusion in life. The continuing to practice what we have learned from God's Word and to follow its teachings repeatedly for an extended time helps our "spiritual memory" and therefore our ability to overcome more quickly our setbacks of life. Then if we...

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