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A woman named Dawn McKnight wrote a letter to the editor of the Birmingham News. She said:

My 14 year old son and I were recently running an errand and saw a sight that made me sick to my stomach.

As we were going through a drive-through window at a bank, my son observed that in a pile of trash on the side of a neighboring building were two American flags-one still on a flagpole. When the management was questioned, one man appeared somewhat con-cerned and assisted with removing the flags in order for me to take them and have them treated with the respect that they deserved. The other man said he had “more important things to do.”

Fortunately, there have been others who felt that they had the “time” to fight, be wounded and die for this very flag.

I was proud that my son was as concerned as I was. Naively, I thought this was a single incident. But not long ago my husband rescued and brought home two brand new American flags, one still partially remained in the commercial wrapping.

He saw them in a dump-site behind a building where he was working. The persons who so irreverently discarded these flags will hopefully think about what the true cost of these flags are.

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