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Is God Waiting for You?

Koinonia is the Greek phrase which describes this spiritual intimacy that is born through having the true knowledge of who God is in a personal way.

I must confess, I am the one who made the choice not to experience Koinonia for all those years in my spiritual way with the Christ. I am the one that made the choice not to make time for God. Even though I knew that having regular times alone with God were important, I looked at it as more of being an obligation, a spiritual discipline. In other words, I had faced the issue as one of being an optional choice in my Christian walk. Now due to my years of not being willing to make such a choice, I am the one that has suffered hardship by not really knowing God in a personal way.

Even in the early stage of my final decision to make room for periods of quiet time with God, I seemed to be the one always doing the talking and not leaving any time for God to respond. Therefore I was still wasting precious time where I could have been enjoying a deeper intimate relationship with him. I had to discover that prayer is actually a system of two-way conversation. Through such thinking I finally realized the genuine basis of this thing called spiritual intimacy with God. There comes a time in our prayer experience that we have to just sit back and be still and listen to God speak. We have to give strict, undivided attention or we may miss what profound things he has to say to us. Now you will not necessarily hear an audible sound, but yet you will hear it clearly.

I had a friend that had turned his back on God for a period of ten or so years. He just walked away – no more prayers, no more intimate quiet time with God. Finally there came the day he knew after his prodigal ways he had to return home to the deep intimate relationship he had with his Heavenly Father. As he started his first quiet time after all those years of missing in action, he wasn't quite sure God would be there, but he was. God spoke in his still small voice and told my friend that he had been there all this time – waiting – for more than 10 years.

Is the Lord waiting for you?

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