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Every House is Different

Traditionally in the Philippines, family is regarded as the highest priority, which is why there are no overcrowded orphanages or homes for the elderly.

Traditionally at a wedding reception in Denmark, it is normal for the groom to disappear during part of the ceremony so that all the unmarried young men can kiss the bride, and then it is the bride's turn to disappear while all the single girls kiss the groom.

Traditionally in Hungary at New Year's Eve, the people burn a scapegoat known as ā€Jack Straw.ā€ The scapegoat represents the evils and misfortunes of the past year. Burning the effigy is supposed to get rid of the bad luck.

Traditionally when in someone's home in Japan, it is common for you to remove your shoes and wear slippers. The same is to be done when you are going to the bathroom, as there are usually a pair of slippers specifically for the toilet area that must stay there at all times. Remove your first pair of slippers, and slide into the second pair.

Perhaps you have met folks with strange or unusual customs:

My roommate in college had a strange family tradition at his house. The biggest event of the year, eclipsing Christmas and Thanksgiving, was Groundhog's Day. There was a huge cookout and all the family gathered to watch Ohio State and to gather as a family.

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