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"I'm Fine, Sir!"

During the most intense fighting of the war with Iraq, I was listening to one of the embedded reporters who was traveling with a column of Marine tanks. He was sitting on top of one of the tanks when the enemy opened fire. He said it was a frightening moment, but he emerged unscathed. He called out to the one who was driving the tank, "Are you okay down there?"

In just a moment, the reporter said, the Marine thrust both arms up through the hole above his head. He was clasping a Bible with both hands as he shouted, "I'm fine, sir; I'm just fine!"

The Bible is the Word of God and has remarkable power and authority to help you through any situation you might encounter. By reading the Bible, you will find peace and joy. You will also discover the matchless love that God has for you, which He expressed through Jesus Christ, His Son.

(Source: Dr. J. Robert White, Words of Life (Texas, Baxter Press, 2007) p. 253.) Dr. J. Robert White is Chief Executive Officer of the Georgia Baptist Convention, Duluth, Georgia.

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