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Love Tore Down The Wall

Some years ago, a couple decided they could not live together anymore. They separated and started divorce proceedings.

Dr. J. Mike Minnix, Editor,

Through their lawyers, they agreed to meet at the home and divide the property. As they went through the home and sought to divide up the property, they came across the shoes of their little boy. The child had died in a traffic accident and left them both broken hearted. As they stared at his little shoes, they began to sob. The husband reached over and put his arm around his wife; she returned the embrace to him. They stood together in that house holding on to each other, as tears streamed down their faces. They each held in their hand a little shoe.

The couple changed their mind about divorce and stayed together. The love of the son had broken down the wall between them.

The human family is separated from the Creator because of sin. Jesus, the Son of God, came to die in our place [on] Calvary. If we will come with humble heart and repentant attitude to the Cross, the Son of God will break down the wall and place you in a right relationship with God, the Father. The love of the Son can and will break down the wall of separation!

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